About Us

Mkhonto Organic Food offers a service designed to deliver organic vegetables to our customers, it’s not just food but healthy food. All our produce is carefully sourced from South African Farmers to ensure freshness. Mkhonto Organic was established in 2014 as a supplier of fresh produce and fruit to the catering industry. We have since diversified into frozen products and the processing of vegetables. The company specialises in the sourcing and supply of the exotic vegetables, fruit and meat to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airlines, events and casinos in the region.

Also amongst our wide-ranging clientele are universities, schools, small businesses, industrial canteens and families.

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Our Story

As parents to child with Cerebral palsy (CP), we understood the importance of healthy eating as part of the overall well-being equation.

We relied on fresh fruit and veg as part of a balanced diet but often struggled to get quality produce on a regular basis, and at a good price. This meant that we had to go from shop to shop comparing prices before making a conclusion on what to buy and where to buy.

We believe that healthy food should be accessible to all and based on this principle, decided to begin Mkhonto Organic.

For the freshest organic produce in Gauteng,

Mkhonto Organic specialises in fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and poultry products delivered directly to your door.